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Herbal remedy for healthy weight loss and metabolism


  • Supports energy levels and balance in the stomach and digestive system.
  • Supports healthy efforts.
  • Helps maintain existing healthy weight and efficient metabolism.
  • Supports break down of dietary fats in the digestive system.
  • Supports balanced sugar levels for balanced mood.
  • Reduces the desire for "comfort" eating.
  • Ingredients are certified organic or wild-crafted.


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is a safe, non-addictive, natural herbal remedy formulated for adults by
our team of natural health experts to support routine weight management
and a healthy metabolism without compromising health or serious side

combination with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, EcoSlim™
supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system, thereby
helping to maintain optimum performance.

organs in the body that are instrumental in regulating weight,
metabolism and energy expenditure need systemic balance to function
properly. EcoSlim™ is effectively used as part of a total program to
support healthy metabolism, energy levels and systemic balance in the
stomach and digestive system.

formula remains true to the whole spectrum method of herbal extraction,
ensuring the bioavailability and balance of all the ingredients
contained in the remedy. This method of manufacture also significantly
reduces the likelihood of side effects and maintains all ingredients in
perfect balance - exactly as nature intended!

All Native
Remedies® products are manufactured in a FDA-registered and
cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of an
expert team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible


How to use EcoSlim™?

Dilute drops in a small amount of water or juice.

Adults & Children 15+: Take 0.50 mL 2 times daily.

EcoSlim™ is highly recommended with the following natural remedies for maximum effectiveness:

HormoSlim™- an homeopathic remedy which promotes weight loss by supporting female hormones.

Caution : Safety
during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not yet been established. If
symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep out of reach of children. 
for use in persons with hyperthyroidism, hypertension, liver disorders,
edema, severe kidney insufficiency, low blood potassium, or congestive
heart failure.

Get optimum support with regular use.

Natural remedies strive to create holistic balance in the body to
support systemic health. The natural ingredients in our remedies support
overall health and functioning.

People can differ widely in their response times to natural remedies
depending on individual makeup, lifestyle and diet. Some may experience a
general feeling of wellness within days, while for others it may take
longer before an effect is felt.

Often, as in the case of all good tonics, a gradual improvement is
felt over time. Best results are achieved when it is used consistently
along with a healthy lifestyle.

How long will a bottle last?

One 59 ml bottle of AdrenoBoost™ will last 40 days.


EcoSlim™ contains the following herbal ingredients:

  • Certified Organic Bladderwrack Thallus is a sea
    vegetable that is a prime source of iodine, an ingredient that is
    crucial in supporting thyroid health. It has been used medicinally for
    thousands of years, especially in traditional Chinese medicine. Apart
    from its beneficial effect on normal thyroid functioning, it is also
    used for healthy metabolism and can be found in many slimming remedies.
    Please note: When using kelp as a therapeutic supplement, always make
    sure that the kelp used is sourced by a reputable and trusted company.
    Kelp harvested from the beach or near the coast may be contaminated with
    industrial waste, sewage, lead, mercury or other toxins. Kelp used in
    EcoSlim™ has been harvested only from uncontaminated areas and screened
    for the presence of toxins and contamination.

  • Certified Organic Garcinia Fruit (Garcinia cambogia)
    comes from the rind of the tamarind fruit native to Indonesia but also
    grown in India, Southeast Asia and West and Central Africa. Studies have
    shown that garcinia may have a positive effect on serotonin levels,
    thus helping emotional eaters control binges.

  • Wild crafted Cleavers Herb (fresh)was used both by the
    Native Americans and herbal healers in the Old World as a tonic herb
    with a reputation as a blood purifier and to strengthen the liver.
    Cleavers has detoxifying, tonic, diuretic and alterative properties.

  • Wild crafted Guarana Seed is native to the Amazon basin
    and is especially common in Brazil where is has been used as a
    stimulant and astringent food. Caffeine is the principle constituent in

  • Certified Organic Turmeric Root (fresh)has been used in
    therapeutic preparation for centuries in different parts of the world.
    In Ayurvedic practices Turmeric is used for strengthening the overall
    energy of the body, improving digestion and as an anti-inflammatory. In
    both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine Turmeric is considered a
    bitter digestive and a carminative.

  • Certified Organic Licorice Root originates in the
    Mediterranean and the Middle East and has many uses, including being a
    supportive tonic for the adrenal cortex. It promotes the natural
    production of hormones such as hydrocortisone. It is the most often used
    herb in Chinese herbal combinations and is thought to harmonize the
    action of all other herbs.

  • Certified Organic Centaury Herb has strong bitter
    principles and is a tonic that acts on the liver and kidneys. It is
    native throughout Europe, Pakistan, the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Certified Organic Dandelion Leaf and Root contains
    bitter principles that have a tonic effect on the liver and digestive
    system. It is also a very rich source of vitamins and minerals,
    including vitamins A, D, C, and B, and iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc
    and manganese.

  • Certified Organic Cayenne Fruit has been used in the
    human diet in Mexico and South America for centuries. History credits
    Christopher Columbus with bringing the plant to Europe from the West
    Indies. Capsicum is a stimulant herb that speeds circulation and
    enhances digestion and absorption.

  • Certified Organic Ginger Root is native to coastal
    India and has been cultivated there since before written history. The
    Chinese use Ginger as a stimulating diaphoretic, increasing blood flow
    throughout the body.

  • Inactive ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, deionized water.

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