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At NaturoPlanet, discover a wide range of natural remedies for people and pets from the brands Native Remedies and PetAlive that can address a wide range of common ailments.

Natural remedy for dog and cat

Our selection of natural remedies treat many conditions and diseases and  are:

  • 100% natural (no chemical ingredients);
  • Using the dual-modality approach of both herbal and homeopathy, for immediate and long-term relief;
  • Ingredients are certified organic or wild-crafted;
  • No risk of side effects;
  • High quality and very effective;
  • No animal testing and cruelty-free.

It should be understood that conventional medicine often treat only the symptoms, while holistic medicine aim :

  • to create balance in the body by maintaining health,
  • to ward off disease,
  • to relieve symptoms,
  • as well as to prevent their appearance.

When conventional medicine fails to cure, it is important to find the cause of the disease and treat the individual as a whole and support health and the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on suppressing symptoms.

All remedies here found in this boutique are safe, without risk of side effects, and contain no chemicals.